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School Spotlight - Michael Avey
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Michael Avey

Position: 6-8 grade math and science teacher at Boyd Christian School

Experience: Taught fifth-grade math and science for five years in Coffee County, been at Boyd for two years.

Fun Fact: Mr. Avey collects vinyl records.

Q: Why did you start teaching math and science?

A: “I actually wanted to do music education,” he said. “But I started to realize those jobs are few and far between.” So he went forward with elementary education. The Coffee County school where he taught offered a position in math and science.

Q: How’d you get started at Boyd?

A: Avey attends Morrison Church of Christ where Boyd basketball coach Chris Perry preaches. “I was originally supposed to teach third grade,” he said. Then principal Donna Newby asked if he would be open to teach middle school math and science. With his experience in math and science, he decided to go that route.

Q: What’s the biggest difference in teaching in a public school versus a private school?

A: Mr. Avey said there aren’t as many freedoms at public schools when it comes to teaching methods. He still has a curriculum to teach at a private school, but how he teaches can be altered more.

Q: What’s your favorite teaching memory?

A: “Anytime my students can walk away and have learned something,” he said, “that’s a good memory.” He said it’s validating to see a student figure something out. “I love seeing a student’s eyes light up when they solve the math problem.” He says he enjoys watching the growth of students.

Q: Since you wanted to teach music, do you play any instruments?

A: Mr. Avey plays the drums and tries on the guitar. “I dabble in guitar,” he said but added he wouldn’t say he plays guitar. He went to a guitar store in Nashville once and his dad said, “Don’t come home with a guitar.” Needless to say, his father wasn’t pleased when he did the opposite, and Michael still has that guitar he purchased. With his passion for music, he leads singing at Boyd’s chapel service.

Q: What’s a fun classroom story?

A: Avey couldn’t name one specific story. He said there’s always something to experience. “That’s another reason why I like teaching,” he said. “Every day is quite the adventure.”

Q: What would you say to someone who wants to teach?

A: “Buckle up,” he said. Mr. Avey said education is constantly changing and you have to be flexible and ready to change with it.