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School Spotlight - Karyn Simmons
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Karyn Simmons



Position: 7-8 grade social studies at Dibrell Elementary

Experience: Taught PE for five years in Murfreesboro, taught the same course at Dibrell for 10 years.

Fun Fact: Mrs. Simmons also tutors 5-6 graders after school.

Q: What’s the biggest difference in teaching physical education and social studies besides the subject matter?

A:  She said that with PE at an elementary level, she taught between 11 and 13 classes. Now she only teaches the standard amount of class periods. 

“I got to see the whole school,” Simmons said about teaching PE. “I really got to know everyone.” She said she enjoyed watching them from a very young age to when they were ready to leave school.


Q: Why did you start with PE?

A:  “I always played golf,” she said. She always played sports and loves being active. Two of her children also play sports at the high school and Dibrell. Along with her PE certification, she received certification in elementary education.

Q: Why did you start tutoring?

A: Simmons said some kids need extra help, especially this year where learning has changed a lot for the students. She wanted to offer her support for the kids who need it

Q: Do you have any crazy classroom stories?

A: “In this age group, they’re all crazy,” said Simmons. She said that fortunately nothing too crazy has happened in her years of teaching. “All the years kind of run together.” She said crazy stuff has happened and happens every day. It’s a different scenario every day..

Q: What’s your favorite part of teaching social studies?

A: “I like getting to talk about the different cultures.” She said she enjoys the geography portions of her class as well. In seventh grade, she teaches medieval world history and it’s important for students to understand where the history happened. She also values Tennessee history saying, “It’s important to stay tied and connected to your community.”

Q: How’d you end up in social studies?

A: She took a break after teaching PE for her family, but when she returned to teaching 10 years ago, the social studies job was available. “It’s a little ironic,” Simmons said, “History was the last class I took in college because I didn’t enjoy it. As I get older, I appreciate history more.”