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School closing video goes viral
School Closing Video-Bobby2.jpg
Wearing sunglasses and a warm coat, Director of Schools Bobby Cox is shown in the video announcing the closure of Warren County Schools on Tuesday.

Have you seen the latest school closing video released on the Warren County School System Facebook page? If not, you’ve got to check it out! 

Since Monday, it has generated over 30,000 views, received 702 comments/ reactions, and has been shared 1,000 times on Facebook. In fact, it was even featured on news channels 2 and 4. 

This short video, created by video tech Joe Harvey, features Director of Schools Bobby Cox along with six WCHS choir members.

Although Cox admitted it was out of his comfort zone, he said it breaks up the monotony of the school cancelation message and students really enjoy it.

In the video, you see WCHS student Christian Weeter rapping “Ice Ice Bobby” in the studio asking – “Hey Bob, whatcha going to do? I’m standing by the phone and I’m waiting on you to make that call, that one important call that tells us that we don’t go to school at all.”

According to Harvey, it was recorded last year with a few additions right before Christmas break.

“We added Bobby’s part standing in front of the green screen acting goofy later,” explained Harvey. “The students were a blast to work with and Christian was game to do whatever we directed him to do.”

Added Weeter, “It was fun and we got out of class. Everyone seemed to have liked the video.”

WCHS choir director Kennette Dixon is the musical mastermind behind this video. Dixon presented the idea to Harvey and wrote the lyrics.

“It only took five minutes once I got the idea,” said Dixon. “I knew that Christian could pull it off and I was pleased with how it turned out.”

So, what do locals have to say about it? 

Kara Bookout commented, “I have tears in my eyes from laughing” while Toree Craven replied “This is the BEST EVER!”

Although we were fooled by the unpredictable weather, most everyone still enjoyed their snowless snow day on Tuesday, including Hickory Creek teacher Brent Estes.

“Mr. Cox made the best call he could based on the reports and I’d rather err on the side of caution,” said Estes. “As for the video, I liked the involvement of students and Mr. Cox trying to rap was hilarious.”