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School Board rejects TN Ready
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The Warren County Board of Education met Thursday night to discuss various topics, as well as provide an update on TN Ready testing issues.
Mary Humphrey, a Student Advisory Board representative, addressed the School Board with student issues observed during the current state testing. 

“The main topics discussed include student anxiety during the start of testing resulting from waiting and not knowing if they would test, frustration with being randomly logged out of the testing site during the test and sometimes multiple occurrences,” said Humphrey. She added she’d seen an increase in discipline due to non-testing student boredom.

Warren County Director of Schools Bobby Cox addressed the School Board and recommended TN Ready scores count for nothing, zero percent.
“I just don’t think they are valid,” said Cox. “We don’t want to hold our teachers responsible for something they have no real control over.”

The School Board agreed and voted in approval. Therefore, the local school system is not going to use TN Ready tests and scores.

Before adjourning their legislative session, state lawmakers spent hours determining how to address standardized testing glitches, then passed a bill to hold teachers harmless from the scores.