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Runs from law catch up to Walling
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A man who fled police with a woman clinging to him on the back of his motorcycle has been bound to the grand jury on numerous charges.The suspect, Joshua Thomas Walling, 32, is charged with evading arrest, reckless endangerment, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, and joyriding.His charges come after sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter tried to pull the suspect over at the intersection of Mullican and Caldwell streets inside the city. Carpenter turned on his lights and siren but Walling didn’t stop.“He refused to stop, accelerating at a high rate of speed,” the investigator revealed, noting the female passenger was holding onto the cyclist as he sped away.The chase became potentially deadly as Walling reportedly pulled into the path of a vehicle at the Spring Street intersection and then continued toward the bypass.“When he got to the red light at the bypass and Spring Street, he accelerated through it without slowing down.”Given the dangers to both Walling and his passenger, the lawman terminated the pursuit as the motorcycle sped out of town on Faulkner Springs Road. Walling was arrested two weeks later following another chase in which he hit a sheriff’s vehicle.