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Rotary posthumously honors polio victim Bragg
The Rotary Club of McMinnville posthumously honored former teacher Virginia Roy Joy Bragg by contributing $1,000 in her name to the Foundation of Rotary International. Pictured, from left, are Director of Schools Bobby Cox, Neil Schultz, and Charles Shot Nunley.
The Rotary Club of McMinnville posthumously honored Joy Bragg during a recent meeting. “Joy has been a motivating factor in the McMinnville Rotary Club’s contribution of more than $200,000 to eradicate the virus that so devastated her, but only physically,” said Charles “Shot” Nunley in making the presentation.Bragg, who died March 4, 2012, was a locally well-known polio victim. She contracted polio in 1933 when she was 10 and was confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her 89-year life.