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Ross arrested after getting salty at mall popcorn stand
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Jimmy and Sue’s Popcorn Stand at Three Star Mall is well-known for its delicious gourmet popcorn and candies. However, an experience with a man throwing candy off the counter was anything but sweet.

Sue Taylor was working the kiosk June 8 when Casey Ray Ross, 37, reportedly came stumbling up to her and mumbling belligerently.

Taylor couldn’t understand what he was trying to ask her and said Ross was acting strange looking through all of the windows, rubbing his head and staggering. He continued asking something which she couldn’t understand.

Taylor heard him saying, “I’ve got to get out of here.”

At that point, Ross slapped the candy off the counter and frightened Taylor before entering Bath and Body Works.

“It was scary. I was honestly scared. For the rest of the day, I was watching to make sure he didn’t come back and do anything in case they hadn’t taken him to jail,” said Sue Taylor.

Taylor called police and Ross was taken out of Bath and Body Works and questioned. While being searched, a bag of marijuana and a Xanax bar were discovered in Ross’s pockets, Sgt. Justin Shrum said in the arrest warrant.

Ross has two previous warrants for theft and shoplifting. After this run-in with the law, Ross gained two charges for simple possession, failure to appear and theft.

While Sue Taylor was afraid and upset, Jimmy Taylor was angrier at the man’s behavior toward his wife and kiosk.

“He slapped my racks of candy all the way off the counter. If I’d have been there things would’ve been a lot different. I probably would’ve been the one arrested,” said Taylor.