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Robertson sentenced for choking girlfriend
Matthew Robertson.jpg
Matthew Robertson
A McMinnville man charged with choking his girlfriend and threatening to kill her has been sentenced to serve 180 days in jail.
Matthew Robertson, 28, has pled guilty to the charge of aggravated assault and was ordered to serve 180 days of a three-year sentence, receive an alcohol and drug assessment, attend batterer’s intervention, and have no contact with the victim.
According to the warrant for Robertson’s arrest, McMinnville police officer Brad Hall came in contact with the victim at the emergency room of Saint Thomas River Park.
She claimed she was assaulted by Robertson hours earlier around midnight after they began arguing about his level of intoxication.
After being thrown to the floor, the victim claimed Robertson “got on top of her and grabbed her by the hair and was hitting her head into the floor.”
The victim said she was dragged into the bedroom by the ankles and assaulted more.
“Matthew Robertson grabbed her with his hands and started strangling her and told her that he would kill her,” the warrant says.

The victim says she was then thrown against a window and thought she might go out the window but did not. That’s when the assault reportedly ended.