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River Park Hospital goes Red for Women
Go Red - front
Ashton Harmon with her baby Adaline Jane Boyd were eager to promote the Go Red For Women movement Friday at Saint Thomas River Park Hospital.

One woman dies every 80 seconds in the United States due to cardiovascular disease.

And about 80 percent of cardiovascular disease can be prevented.

Those numbers from the American Heart Association show a difference can be made in fighting the No. 1 killer of women if recommendations are turned into action.

The nationally sponsored Go Red For Women Day was recognized Friday to encourage women to make a commitment to improve their heart health.

To show the effort reaches down to the very youngest in our community, 2-day-old Adaline Jane Boyd was sporting a red toboggan in the Family Birth Unit at Saint Thomas River Park Hospital.

“You definitely need a routine physical every year,” said Kristen Toth, VP of women’s and children’s services at Saint Thomas.

“There are indicators which can identify heart disease and catch it early. We use Go Red For Women to highlight cardiovascular disease to make women more aware of the risk factors.”

There are many well-known factors to help prevent heart disease.

These include getting active, eating healthy, and monitoring your blood pressure.

The American Heart Association points out that less than 20 percent of women meet federal guidelines when it comes to the amount of physical activity they get each day.

Heart disease in the No. 1 killer of women, the AHA says, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Yet only 17 percent of women consider heart disease a serious health threat.

By raising awareness, the American Heart Association hopes to steer women toward a more heart-healthy lifestyle.