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Rigsby advances to County Public Speaking contest
Rigsby 4-H County Public Speaking Contest.jpg

Seventh-grader 4-H Junior Honor Club president Hunter Rigsby was invited to present his speech at a Warren County Extension Agriculture Committee meeting. 

Rigsby is an active 4-H member and recently won his public speaking competition and is headed to the County Public Speaking contest where he will compete against the other winners across Warren County. Extension agent Emily Mote invited Rigsby to present his speech to committee members.

“He is a very active 4-H’er in the program,” said Mote. “He is currently serving as our 2021-22 Junior Honor Club president and he has been very active in the poultry project. During this time of year, our 4-H’ers are getting prepared for their public speaking contest so Mr. Hunter is going to share his 4-H public speech he has prepared.”

Rigsby’s speech was all about how people should strive to be better citizens and how 4-H helps people do just that.

“As 4-H’ers, or former 4-H’ers, being a good leader and an even better citizen is instilled in us ever since that first meeting in our fourth-grade classroom,” said Rigsby.

In his speech, he referenced the story “The Little Red Hen.” In the story, Red the hen finds a grain of wheat and his hoping to make bread. She asks her neighbors the duck, the cat, and the dog if they could help her along the way and they each tell her no. When Red finally does all the work on her own and makes the bread, she asks if they want some and they all answer yes. 

“If the duck, the cat, and the dog had all been 4-H’ers, this story could have had a much different ending,” said Rigsby. 

Rigsby says the story is symbolic and we can all learn from it and become better citizens. He also says we should do good deeds even when people are not watching. For example, picking up trash out of the parking lot or helping a peer with classwork. Committee chair Phillip Prater praised the speech for having a valuable message.

“There was a lot of good content in that speech,” said Prater. “A lot of our county needs more of those good citizens and volunteers. We appreciate you for noticing that and bringing that to our attention. Good luck in the competition.”

Rigsby will be competing in the county competition in January.