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Right of way off limits for campaign signs
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With political candidates getting a jump on campaigning, the city of McMinnville is reminding them not to utilize the right of way for their campaign sign placement. McMinnville Community Development Department does have the authority to confiscate signs wrongfully placed in the right of way.

All candidates who have completed their registration to be on the 2022 ballot are given a packet of information from the Warren County Election Commission which includes a memo from the Community Development Department which lists the key provisions of the city’s sign ordinance regarding political sign placement.

Key provisions:

• No sign shall be located in such a manner as to obstruct free or clear vision, or cause hazards for vehicular or pedestrian traffic by reason of location, shape, illumination or color.

• No sign shall be located on, or attached to, any public property except public signs authorized by the city of McMinnville, Warren County, or the state of Tennessee.

• No sign shall be located on or overhanging any public right of way. In many, but not all cases, the public right of way is between the utility poles or fence and the roadway.

• No signs shall be painted or attached to any fence, trees, rocks, canopy posts, utility poles, and the like.

• Political signs may be displayed on private property with the consent of the owner.

By state law, it is unlawful for any person to attach show cards, posters, or campaign materials on poles, towers, and fixtures of public utilities unless authorized to do so.

Where can political signs be placed? Private property only.

“Signs are OK on private property with the owner’s permission, as long as they remain on the owner’s property and are not placed in the public right of way,” said Community Development director David Baird. “The public right of way includes both the paved area of the street and any property owned by the government in the front yard.

Signs in violation of city ordinance and removed by the department can be picked up by the candidate.

For more information, or when in doubt, Community Development Department can be reached at 473-1204.