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Residents continue to vent about dilapidated property
Yager Road property, Brad3.jpg
The property that was once a store on Yager Road remains in poor condition. Compounding the unsightly appearance is the fact people are selling yard sale items from the parking lot.

A dilapidated property on Yager Road is more than an eyesore, according to residents in the area. It’s a detriment to the neighborhood.

“Yes, it’s an eyesore,” said Diane Bond. “When I read that in the newspaper, I agreed. It’s also a magnet that attracts all kinds of activities – things you wouldn’t want going on in your neighborhood. Abandoned, dilapidated buildings usually do.”

The property is located at 4437 Yager Road, the former location of Perry’s Market. It is situated at the three-way stop at the intersection of Yager, Short Mountain and Lucky roads.

“You can’t drive into town without going through that three-way stop, which means those of us who live in that area see that property every day,” said Bond. “I see it several times a day. If something can be done, it should be done. Something really needs to be done. I’ve been calling Daniel Owens, our county commissioner in the district. I’ve started calling Carl Bouldin, our other commissioner.”

One nearby resident who read the story about the abandoned market in the Southern Standard came to the newspaper office to say that something needed to be done. He left without giving his name.

The property could be a prime commercial location and several people have noted it would be a great spot for a Dollar General.

It is currently being used by individuals who’ve placed tables with produce, clothes racks and various yard sale items in the parking lot and are selling them to passing motorists. A burn pile, with a gas container beside it, is located to the right side of the building. Various items, including plastic bottles, are being burned there.

While the two ladies onsite last week wished to not be photographed or quoted, one said she knew the previous owners and gave no timeframe of when she would vacate the property, while the other said her last day on the property would be in the next few days.

Warren County commissioners are once again pushing for something to be done with the property. It was offered in a tax sale in 2016 by Warren County government due to unpaid property taxes, but there were no bidders. It was never offered again. According to county records, the combined unpaid taxes on the property are $7,728.