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Regulations recommended for murals
The growing popularity of murals, like this attractive painting on the side of LaCazona at Northgate Center, has prompted the city to consider guidelines for their placement.

The regulation of murals within the city of McMinnville has passed its first hurdle. 

McMinnville Regional Planning Commission members are unanimously recommending the following change to the city’s Sign Code that requires permits for murals:

“Murals are defined as painting or graphics applied directly to a wall or permanent surface other than a window which contains no advertising material. Murals applied to side and rear walls are required to obtain a mural permit prior to the installation of the mural. Murals are prohibited from the front of buildings.”

McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen approval is required. If approved, property owners within the city must seek approval before placement of a mural. 

The following guidelines have been established:

• Murals shall only be located on the side or rear exterior walls of buildings

• Murals are prohibited from the front of buildings

• No murals should include copy, language, or logos advertising a business

As a requirement of approval, the property owner is responsible for maintaining murals and shall repair or remove murals which are in disrepair.

No fee would be required when property owners apply for a mural permit.

“I know we cannot control everything,” said Jerry Williamson, commission member. “When one is up, we are going to be looking at it for a long, long time. I hope they are in reasonably good taste.”

Katie Kemezis, community planner, agreed.

“Yes,” said Kemezis. “They would be going up even if we didn’t have these provisions. This gives us some control over it.”

No date has been set for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to consider the regulation of murals.