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Questions raised about new stop signs
Post Road saga1.jpg

Motorists may not be the only ones frustrated by two new three-ways stops added to Post Road this week.

“We are putting up stop signs at a whim,” said Alderman Steve Harvey. “We put up stop signs that people don’t even ask for. They asked for one at Sunset Drive. We put two more stop signs where Garfield comes out. Are we qualified to make decisions on traffic and things like that? This decision was made quickly and not a lot of thought put into it.”

That statement came during Tuesday’s Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting.

Safety Committee members approved two three-ways stops on Post Road last week, a decision made after receiving a request to consider one at Post Road and Sunset Drive to slow traffic.

“Another thing. We asked for a traffic study,” said Harvey. “If I remember right, and tell me if I’m wrong, but the traffic study said we didn’t have much more of a speeding problem there than anywhere else. Is that right or not right?”

McMinnville Police Chief Nichole Mosley stated, “That’s correct.”

“We ask for these traffic studies and go ahead and take measures anyway that really don’t support what the traffic study said,” said Harvey. “Why do we even ask for a study?” Alderman Zach Sutton, Safety Committee chair, defended the decision. “It said that 85% of people were going less than 35 mph,” said Sutton. “Thirty-five is still speeding. Over 50% were going over 30 mph. There is a speeding issue there, but it’s not extreme. There were people going up to 50 mph.” The speed limit on Post Road is 30 mph.

“It seems to me like the only options you have to slow people down or helping the pedestrians through there is a sidewalk or lowering the speed limit,” said Harvey. “Because what we’ve done so far, to me, unless somebody thinks differently, the three-way stops at each of those spots doesn’t slow anybody down coming off West Main Street.”