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Pryor finds her value in helping clients find a home
Jane Ann Pryor first thought she would be a teacher, but she has forged a 31-year banking career.

Jane Ann Pryor, mortgage consultant and vice president of First National Bank, succinctly describes her job: “I help people get in homes.” 

Over her 31 years in the banking industry, Pryor has worked in a variety of roles. Her current position, one that allows her to help customers navigate the mortgage process, is one which she feels especially well-suited. 

“I have found my value,” she says.

Pryor grew up in McMinnville with four brothers. She was a tomboy, she says, who spent a lot of time outdoors participating in such activities as fishing and catching, cleaning, and eating turtles.

She was also active in her Girl Scout group. With Kay Ramsey as scout leader, the group blazed trails, both literally and figuratively. It was the first group, for example, to rappel at Fall Creek Falls, a practice no longer allowed.

The group also took trips to Florida and Savannah, Ga., where the girls harvested shrimp in the marsh. Pryor’s mother would drive the bus on these trips, and to fund the outings the Girl Scouts would collect newspapers and sell them to Gerald Hillis at B&P Lamp for a nickel a pound.

Pryor attended Warren County High School and graduated in the class of 1981. She says a favorite pastime of young people then was “riding The Strip” back and forth from Village Carwash to Pump & Pay and pulling over to visit with friends along the way.

As a high school basketball player, during her sophomore year Pryor was a member of the girls basketball state championship team in 1979.

Pryor says expectations for the team were not high that season, and Warren County started off slowly, losing to Grundy County. However, the team found its stride and, as Pryor says, “kept winning.” 

After dispatching Fayette-Ware and Lebanon in the state tournament at MTSU’s Murphy Center, Warren County found itself matched against a 31-0 Riverdale team, with a state championship on the line.

Before the game, coach Bobby Haile told the players that if they won, he would take them on an all-expenses-paid trip to Panama City, Fla. Warren County won the game, and Pryor remembers the exhilaration the girls felt as they rode the bus back to Warren County and saw all the cars lined along Nashville Highway, with people waving and honking their car horns to congratulate them on their victory.

Later that spring, as their classmates were sitting through American history and home economics, the girls basketball team was deep-sea fishing, swimming in the ocean, shopping, and enjoying life at their beachfront hotel in Panama City as part of their school-sponsored trip.

In her job as mortgage consultant working out of First National Bank’s main office on East Main Street, Pryor helps customers with their mortgage needs, from prequalifying to the closing table. She tries to explain the process clearly to customers at the outset and then to guide them through it every step of the way.

Outside of work, Pryor and her husband, Kenny, attend Central Church of Christ. For hobbies, they go camping at Center Hill Lake and enjoy growing flowers in their yard at home.