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Protective mom pleads guilty
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A mother who lied for her stepson so he could get away from the law has been granted probation.
The mother, Nina J. Judkins, 37, entered a guilty plea to the charge of perjury before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke. She was placed on probation for six months as punishment for the misdemeanor and will be required to pay court costs.
She was hit with the charge for her deception when it came to the whereabouts of her stepson, Timothy Judkins. Deputies showed up at her Holcomb Road residence looking to arrest him on outstanding warrants.
“I asked her if he was at the residence and she said no,” revealed deputy Brystol Davis, who noted the woman gave him permission to search the residence for her stepson. “I observed the back door open and as I looked out, I saw Mr. Judkins.”
Davis said he saw Judkins speaking to another deputy who had been watching the exit in case the suspect tried to make a dash for freedom. However, the wanted youth didn’t stick around to talk as he ran toward a wooded area. The lawmen chased after him and tried to tase him at one point but their attempts were to no avail. The suspect was able to get away for the time being. His mother did not.
“Ms. Judkins stated that she knew he was there at the house but was just trying to help him out,” she told the deputies before being arrested.