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Property to stay zoned residential
Because this Spring Street property hasnt been used for commercial purposes for more than a year, its lost its grandfather status. Now it can only be used for residential purposes.

History came to an end Tuesday night when a rezoning measure on the old Spring Street Motors property was met with silence from McMinnville officials.
“Ordinance No. 1727, an ordinance to change the zoning classification of less than one acre of property from R-2 medium residential district to R-5 residential commercial district; and to set the time for the ordinance to become effective,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley during Tuesday night’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. “This is first reading. Is there a motion?”
No motion came from Vice Mayor Ben Newman or Aldermen Mike Neal, Jimmy Bonner, Ryle Chastain, Everett Brock, or Steve Harvey. Thus, the measure failed.
Prior to the vote, officials heard from Planning and Zoning director Nolan Ming who encouraged the board to deny the rezoning request made by the property’s current owner Scottie Keel. The property was used as commercial as a car lot for 50 years. While Keel wanted to continue the property’s commercial use and construct office space in the building, Ming said the property lost its grandfather status after one year of inactivity.
Alderman Brock asked Ming when the property stopped being used.
“It’s been four to five years, I think,” said Ming.
Ming also informed the board that allowing the zoning change would be considered “spot zoning” because it is surrounded by residential property.
Haley reminded the board that officials rejected a rezoning request made for Seventh Day Adventist Church at 517 N. Spring Street and it would have been from R2 to R5.
Ming confirmed, “The church is just a few parcels down the street. It was the same situation when the request was made to rezone it and that was denied as well.”
No motion from the board means the property can only be used for items permitted in the R-2 medium residential district which includes single-family detached and two-family dwellings; TV, radio, and satellite dish antennas; and temporary structures. Other items are allowed but only with approval from the city.