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Program partners kids and cows
Pee wee showmanship - Sterling.jpg
Sterling Mendel proudly shows off his trophy while leading his cow, Halo. Mendel walked Halo in the Pee Wee Showmanship on Tuesday along with many other young handlers. - photo by Taylor Moore
Pee wee showmanship - Case and Shaylee.jpg
Pictured are Case Haliburton, left, and Shaylee Price walking in the Pee Wee Showmanship cattle show. Haliburton is no stranger to a cattle show as his family has participated in the Pee Wee division for generations. - photo by Taylor Moore

Showmanship was at its highest at the Livestock Barn on Tuesday as Sterling Mendel, 3, walked his calf, named Halo, in the Pee Wee Showmanship category at the Warren County A&L Fair. He was one of 25 young participants in the category open to anyone 9 years and below. Each child received a participation trophy.

Mendel proudly held his trophy to show everyone and had the best time with his cow, Halo. 

“Pee Wee Showmanship is used to give kids an opportunity to participate in a fair event and interact with a farm animal,” said fair president Regan Kelsey. “Non-farm kids and families have the opportunity to connect to farm animals and agriculture in general in a safe and controlled environment.”

The young handlers, along with the adult helpers, lined up their cows and walked them in a circle.  Case Haliburton and Shaylee Price walked their cow together. Haliburton is a third generation Pee Wee Showmanship participant according to his grandfather David Lafever.

“I showed when I was his age,” said Lafever before Haliburton chimed in and said, “My momma did, too.” Lafever confirmed that she too participated when she was young. Haliburton is no stranger to handling cows, and Lafever said they’ve been attending the fair for about 50 years.

The participants included: Weston Hughes, Paisley Hughes, Sterling Mendel, Briar Bartlett, Oakley Haliburton, Case Halitburton, Riggs Moore, Sawyer Moore, Hattie Scott, Linley Taylor, Sawyer Marcum, McKenzie Acre, Addi Sanders, Colt Bratcher, Connor Mae Bratcher, Rhett Bratcher, Reece Alexander, Laurel Brown, Redmond Brown, Zera Laxson, Eliza Brown, Caris Franklin, Barrett Price, Shaylee Price and Kellum Moore.