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Pool price hike proposed
Proposed fee increases1.jpg
McMinnville officials are wading into the possibility of admission fee and concession increases for Gilley Pool season 2022. Pictured is Parks and Recreation Department director Justin Scott. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

A refreshing dip in Gilley Pool could cost slightly more this summer. 

McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department director Justin Scott has proposed increases to both admission and concessions as a way to generate additional revenue for salary increases. 

“We are struggling to get folks,” said Scott. “We are struggling to keep them. We feel we are not competitive in our wages.” 

In 2021, staff hourly pay was $9.50 for head guards, $8.50 for lifeguards, $7.50 for concession workers, $9 for concession supervisor, and $8.25 for front desk attendant. Proposed was an increase in 2022 to $11, $10, $9, $11 and $9, respectively.

The current market median data, Scott said, reflects lifeguards are paid $11.26 per hour and concession workers $10.33 per hour.

A pool manager was not hired for the summer of 2021. Proposed was filling that position in 2022 at $14 an hour.

Total wages for the season under the proposal would increase from $125,867 to $153,670, a difference of $27,802.

To fund that increase, Scott proposed the following:

• $1 increase in daily admission prices to $6 for adults, $5 for youth, and $5 for seniors

• $10 increase on individual season passes to $85

• $15 increase on family season passes to $225

Scott says if the number of passes remains unchanged, there will be a revenue increase of $29,725. Total passes generated $147,968 in 2021. 

Scott also suggested other revenue-generating options such as an increase in some concessions items. Specifically, an additional 50 cents on hamburgers to $4, cheeseburgers to $4, hotdogs to $2.50 and squinchers to $2.50, as well as doubling bottled water from $1 to $2. If sales remain unchanged, the increase would create an additional $6,051 in revenue.

He also suggested an increase in swim team participant user fees. Proposed was an increase to $20 per participant, which is a one-time fee. 

Swim team members currently pay $12 and use the pool for 11 weeks, often four days per week. This would be the first increase since 2011. 

The proposed increases and information was presented to members of the city Parks and Recreation Committee on Wednesday. No decision was made.