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Police narrow search to one suspect in vehicle burglary
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The man in this surveillance camera photo has been named a suspect in a vehicle burglary. Anyone with information as to his identity is asked to call detective Austin Wortman at 931-414-2449.

A search by McMinnville Police Department for two men suspected in a vehicle burglary has eliminated one as a suspect. 

“The male wearing the hat is our suspect,” said McMinnville Police detective Austin Wortman. 

Posted to McMinnville Police Department’s Facebook page on Wednesday were pictures of two men taken from surveillance footage at Chabelita’s Restaurant on Sparta Street on Dec. 4 at approximately 6 p.m. Assistance from the public was requested in identifying both men. 

“We identified one man and he was eliminated as a suspect,” said Wortman. “He was a witness, but he’s no longer a person of interest in this vehicle burglary.”

The remaining man is alleged to have entered an unlocked vehicle, a Lincoln MKZ. While the Police Department declined to release a list of items taken, a “rough dollar amount” of $2,000 was placed on them.

As of Thursday at noon, the Facebook search has been shared more than 100 times from the Police Department’s Facebook page and shared almost 300 times from the Southern Standard’s Facebook page. Among numerous comments on the newspaper’s post was that the man was asking random people for money and insulted at least one person who declined to give him cash. 

“He had been in the area asking people for money,” said Wortman. “Ultimately, he got into the unlocked vehicle and various items were taken.”

Anyone with information is asked to call detective Austin Wortman at 931-414-2449.