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Police have hot new item
McMinnville Police Department Capt. Derwin Adcock shows the departments new incinerator.

McMinnville Police Department is fired up over its new drug incinerator.
“We’re happy to have it,” said McMinnville Police Department Capt. Derwin Adcock. “It will make my job a little easier. Before this, when we had something that needed to be disposed of, I had to take it to Cookeville. That had been the closest police department with an incinerator.”
Called a Drug Terminator, the incinerator cost $4,500 and is used for the disposal of confiscated drugs. The machine is made by Elastec and uses wood or charcoal and works with high-velocity electric blowers creating a cyclone of intense heat. An extremely hot whirlwind of combustion reduces the burned material into a tiny pile of sterile ash with minimal atmospheric emissions.
This year’s National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is April 29. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., members of McMinnville Police Department will be stationed outside the building accepting unwanted over-the-counter or prescription drugs.
“If anyone has any medication they would like to drop off, I’ll be here accepting it,” said Adcock. “I’ll be sitting in front of the building under an awning. Just pull up, you don’t even have to get out of your car.”
The drug collection days are encouraged by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a coordinated effort with local agencies aimed to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications.
If individuals have items they would like to drop off but they cannot make the four-hour window, the police department has a medicine disposal container located inside the lobby of the building. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people who have medication they no longer want.
McMinnville Police Department is located at 204 Red Road.