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Pleasant sentenced to 10 years
Corey Pleasant.jpg
Corey Pleasant

A man was given a 10-year prison sentence on Wednesday for a violent altercation in a Viola cornfield where he tased a Warren County deputy during a struggle.

Corey Eugene Pleasant, 44, entered guilty pleas to charges of evading arrest, felony vandalism, resisting arrest, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, and assault. He was ordered to serve his 10-year sentence as a Range II offender, which means he must serve at least 35% of his time before his first chance of parole.

The incident which led to Pleasant’s prison sentence happened last August. A high-speed chase ended in a Viola cornfield where Pleasant and Warren County Sheriff’s Department deputy Jared Jacobs were both tased before Pleasant was arrested at gunpoint.

“I initially saw him on Hardaway Street,” said McMinnville Police Lt. Ben Cantrell. “I ran the tag and it didn’t match the vehicle, which was a Nissan Xterra. When I turned around, I could tell he started to speed up. I caught up to him and made sure I ran the right plate. It did not match the vehicle so I hit my lights. It was on from there.”

The city’s pursuit was terminated out of concern for public safety.

“He eventually ran a stop sign and came out onto Morrison Street,” said Cantrell. “I followed him until the intersection on South Chancery. He almost struck an F-150. I terminated my pursuit and he continued on Highway 55.”

Cantrell requested assistance from the Warren County Sheriff’s Department and Pleasant was spotted by deputies on Lawson Mill Road. Deputy Chris McCormick and Sgt. Jeremy Taylor attempted to stop the vehicle as it turned south on Viola Road. Those deputies also terminated the pursuit due to the vehicle being driven erratically.

Deputy John Underwood spotted the vehicle near Chestnut Ridge Road. K-9 deputy Jared Jacobs deployed stop sticks near the intersection of Wheeler Road and Viola Road. Pleasant ran over the strips, puncturing his tires.

Underwood and Jacobs followed the vehicle outbound on Viola Road. Pleasant intentionally drove the vehicle into a cornfield just past Bob Ramsey Road. Jacobs followed the vehicle and engaged in a foot pursuit into the cornfield.

During this foot chase, Pleasant was clutching a black backpack. Jacobs deployed a tazer once into the back of Pleasant to end the foot pursuit. It slowed Pleasant and Jacobs tackled him at the wood line adjacent to the cornfield.

At that time, there was a physical altercation between the two in which Jacobs again attempted to use his taser. It fell from the holster, and Pleasant grabbed it and discharged it once into the midsection of Jacobs. The deputy drew his weapon and ordered Pleasant to drop the taser. Pleasant complied with that demand, but continued to resist being apprehended.

Pleasant was eventually subdued and handcuffed. A search of his bag revealed a loaded 40 caliber High Point Pistol. The vehicle contained a loaded 50 caliber muzzle loader.