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Planning commission may get name change
Baird, new directorBEST.jpg
FILE PHOTO: David Baird - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Dissolving the McMinnville Regional Planning Commission is under consideration. 

Members met to consider “dissolution” of the commission, according to the agenda. As explained by Community Development Department director David Baird, conversion may have been a better word to use.

“We have looked into the possibility of shifting to a different Planning Commission format,” said Baird. “Right now, we are a Regional Planning Commission. We are looking at the possibility of shifting to what we call a Municipal Planning Commission.”

When the Regional Planning Commission was established, its members oversaw all land development and zoning within the city limits and oversight of all land development within the city’s regional boundary due to the belief those areas could eventually be annexed into the city by nonconsensual annexation measures.

Several years ago, the 108th General Assembly eliminated nonconsensual annexation with the enactment of Public Chapter 707.

Annexation is still allowed. However, it is by property owner request and approval only.

Because involuntary annexation is not allowed, said Baird, the commission no longer needs to concern itself with development of areas outside the city limits.

“What this would do, if we shift from regional to municipal, is that we would not be reviewing subdivision plats within the regional area,” said Baird. “Annexation is less prevalent. We are not really planning as much for annexation. It’s people who come to the city to request annexation.”

The switch from regional to municipal would mean a slight change in commission members. 

“If you have a regional planning commission, you have to have two members who live in the regional area that are not in the city limits. This wouldn’t change the number of people on the commission, but it would mean all seven members would be residents of the city,” said Baird. “We have two vacancies today and both of those are vacancies for the regional planning area.”

Baird presented the proposed name change for later consideration.