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Pit bull shot in eye
Dog Shot (2).jpg
Photo provided Pictured is the dog before the shooting. The dog’s right eye was shot at close range with a shotgun and the dog is currently undergoing treatment at the vet.

A dog was shot at close range with a shotgun over the weekend and Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center is looking for answers.

Animal Control director Sherri Bradley says the pit bull was shot in the eye with a shotgun at close range near Pike Hill Rd. 

The dog suffered serious injuries to its right eye and is currently being treated at the vet. Bradley says the owner was not home at the time of the shooting, but her children were and found the dog. 

“The owners had no clue it happened because when they saw the dog, they lost it,” said Bradley. “From what I gathered the dog used to go back and forth through the backyard or field behind the house. The kids were at home and they didn’t know.” 

Bradley says she does not know how the dog was able to survive, but is hoping someone knows what happened. The owners surrendered the dog to animal control and that is where the dog will stay following treatment unless a suitable foster home is found.  

“It was really horrific to look at, so we are hoping somebody knows something or heard something. It was done with a shotgun at close range,” said Bradley. “Why she is still here I don’t know, but God meant her to be here for some reason. She is going to be at the vet for a while. The Friends of the Shelter are gathering donations for the vet care. I don’t know how much it is going to cost, but the owner did surrender the dog to us.”

The vet bill is going to be expensive due to the amount of care the dog will need. 

The vet is going to determine the best course of treatment depending on if there is still an eye in the wound.

“She is going to be at the vet for a while because the swelling needs to come down and she is on IVs and lots of pain medicine. So after all that goes down the vet will determine if there is still an eye in there or not. He said it might be in there, but she won’t be able to use it,” said Bradley.

The dog is just over a year old and Bradley says she is very loving. She believes the dog was shot just for being a pit bull. 

“She has no mean streak in her body whatsoever,” said Bradley. “It might just be because she is a pit bull. People just shoot because she is a pit bull.”

If anyone has any information on the shooting they can contact Animal Control at (931) 507-3647 or contact the Sheriff’s Department. Anyone wanting to make donations for the dog’s vet care can donate to Sparta Rd. Vet under Friends of the Shelter and can mail donations to 388 Sparkman Rd. McMinnville, TN.