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Perkins indicted for slamming girlfriend's head into dashboard
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A man has been indicted on a felony assault charge for slamming his girlfriend’s head into the dashboard during a domestic dispute.The suspect, Damon Shay Perkins, 40, is charged with aggravated domestic assault and could face three to six years in prison on the count.His girlfriend says the incident began at his home in Rock Island.“He pulled my hair and hit me in the face multiple times with his fists,” the victim swore before a judicial commissioner in obtaining a warrant against Perkins.The victim went on to say her boyfriend then began to choke her by putting his hands around her throat to the point she was spitting blood.“I was unable to breath and feared I was about to pass out,” the victim said.Following the initial assault, the victim said they left the residence with Perkins driving at a high rate of speed.“He lost traction while making turns and at one time slammed on his brakes in an effort to cause me to hit the dash area,” she told the judicial commissioner, noting she had injuries to her face, neck, upper chest and shoulder.