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Pedestrian struck, killed
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A pedestrian was killed in Rock Island on Wednesday evening.

According to District Attorney General for 31st Judicial District Chris Stanford in a press release, “On Nov. 9, 2022, Warren County 911 dispatch received two calls at approximately 5:14 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. both indicating that a male subject was walking in the driving lanes of Old Rock Island Road and the same created a significant safety hazard to the identified male subject and also to drivers in the area.”

Stanford said about two minutes later, dispatch was notified that the subject was hit by a motor vehicle. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper Ben Cannon, the subject, later identified as Ryan Anthony Travers, 29, of Liberty, was in front of the address 140 Old Rock Island Road when he was struck by a 2011 Chevy Equinox. According to the press release, “Upon arrival by first responders, all indications were that Ryan Anthony Travers had quickly passed away due to his injuries.”

Rock Island resident Arellano Ramirez, 70, was identified as the driver of the vehicle where he was reportedly traveling west on Old Rock Island Road. According to Stanford, Ramirez was violating no laws at the time of the accident. Stanford stated in the press release, “In order to report the accident, Mr. Ramirez required the assistance of a translator due to his limited use of the English language. Thus he immediately traveled to a residence and picked up two members of his family to translate for him and immediately returned to the scene of the accident.”

No search was ever initiated for Ramirez or any other person involved due to his cooperation with law enforcement, including providing a detailed statement and his blood sample. According to Stanford, “While autopsy results are not available at this time, all indications, as derived from other evidence collected at the scene, are that Mr. Travers was intoxicated during the time he was walking in the middle of the westbound lane of Old Rock Island Road and was struck by the vehicle driven by Mr. Ramirez.”

No charges have been made to Ramirez. “Mr. Ramirez simply lacked any criminal intent to violate any law,” said Stanford, “In fact, Mr. Ramirez complied with the law and fully cooperated with the law enforcement investigation.”

Attorney General Stanford ended the press release saying, “This is a tragic event for the families and friends of Mr. Travers and Mr. Ramirez. It is also a tragic event for our community. I respectfully ask that you join me in prayer for the comfort and peace of all who were affected by this terrible tragedy. I also ask that you respect the privacy of the families of those involved while they grieve and mourn the trauma they have all endured. Thank you.”