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Paul's Clinic gets grants
PAUL's Clinic

Paul’s Clinic, Inc. recently received grants totaling $46,360 to be used to sterilize pets residing in low-income households in our community.

With a $25,000 grant from PetSmart Charities, Paul’s Clinic aims to support pets and pet parents in need of these services by providing spay/ neuter surgeries, an exam and basic wellness services for 400 pets in under-resourced communities within the city limits of McMinnville and Altamont.

The Bissell Pet Foundation awarded a grant of $11,360 that will allow Paul’s Clinic to continue its mission of Preventing All Unwanted Litters. Clinic officials are grateful to the Bissell Pet Foundation for providing the opportunity to help low-income households in seven counties.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is helping Paul’s Clinic continue to serve its mission by awarding a $10,000 grant. Because of their support, the clinic can continue to provide low cost spay/ neuter services.

As of Jan. 8, 2020, Paul’s Clinic has fixed 13,602 pets. Call the clinic at 668-2702 for details of how to get your pet fixed and to schedule an appointment.