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Pair caught hauling LSD to 'Roo
Couple found with ecstasy LSD, $1,417
Hannah Spencer
Acid, molly and ecstasy were among the cache of drugs found in the possession of a couple headed to Bonnaroo last week, the pair now facing a list of narcotics charges.The suspects, Hannah Marie Spencer, 26, of Oak Ridge and Jordan Rattanvong, 25, of Cookeville are both charged with possession of schedule one, two, three, four, and six drugs and will face arraignment before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on Thursday.The two face charges after trooper Wade Myers spotted Spencer speeding in her 2014 Nissan Sentra early Friday evening on Highway 55. She was pulled over and the officer immediately got a whiff of drugs.“I could smell marijuana and asked them if they had been smoking,” said Myers, noting they both denied knowing about any marijuana. “She was avoiding eye contact and I could see the boy’s heart beating in his throat he was so nervous.”Rattanvong finally broke down and told the officer the drugs were hidden on the driver’s person.