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Officials review airport improvements
Airport Guy - John Baugh III.jpg
In his six months on the job, Warren County Memorial Airport manager John Baugh III has worked to upgrade the facility.

On Tuesday evening, both the Warren County Building and Grounds Committee and the Economic and Agricultural Develop-ment Committee held their meetings at Warren County Memorial Airport to get a first-hand look at the facility. 

Each meeting was held after a tour of the airport led by airport manager John Baugh III.

Six months into his new position, Baugh has made many improvements, and the two committees had a chance to see those for themselves.

Building and Grounds Committee member Carlene Brown said, “I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of our airport manager. He’s worked hard to make it look like a first-class airport.” Brown learned a lot from the tour saying “You hear them report at the meetings, but it’s when you take the time to visit the facility that the impact is made.”

Economic and Agricultural Develop-ment Committee chair Carl D. Bouldin also praised Baugh for his work. 

“That’s the first time I’ve been past the front door,” Bouldin said. “The manager has new ideas, and I believe he is moving the airport in the right direction.” 

The airport also takes up a lot of land, which many local residents may not know. 

“I didn’t realize how much land they had to maintain,” said Bouldin, complimenting the maintenance staff by saying how good the property looks.

Building and Grounds Committee member and Airport Commissioner Robert Hennessee has a better understanding of the airport being on the commission. 

“What he’s been able to accomplish in this short time is monumental,” said Hennessee referring to Baugh.

Hennessee felt the tour was especially important for commissioners and would be beneficial for the community to understand how much revenue the airport can bring to the county. Hennessee said there are plenty potential plans for the airport and Baugh would be the guy to put those plans into action.