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Officers required to wear face coverings
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Alyssa Boles photo McMinnville Police Department officer Andy Aguilar, left, and Warren County Sheriff’s Department deputy Matt Brown show off their facemasks while on duty Monday. Both departments have instituted a mask requirement for their employees.

By Alyssa Boles

To protect and serve now includes wearing a facemask. 

Local law enforcement are now wearing masks. While McMinnville Police Department is following a city employee policy that went into effect weeks ago, Warren County Sheriff’s Department instituted its policy on Friday. 

“We are all for any measure, including facemasks, that will protect our officers and the public we interact with,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. “The challenge in law enforcement is that many situations are not in a controlled environment. With me as an administrator it is easier than an officer on the street whose situation changes quickly.”

A city employee policy was put into place July 7 which made it a requirement for facemasks to be worn while in interactions with the public, in the office around other employees, and when riding in city-owned vehicles with others.

Deputies are required to wear facemasks while interacting with the public or other officers. The masks can be removed once in their vehicle alone.

“We wanted to take preventive measures and do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. We want to keep everyone safe, as well as ourselves,” said Warren County Sheriff’s Department Major Jason Walker. 

Denton added, “We are adjusting daily to the unique challenges COVID-19 has presented, including masks.”