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No cuts made to city budget after initial review
McMinnville Fire Department has a slight budget increase of about $60,000 from last year.

No budget cuts were made during the first round of reviews for the city of McMinnville in what officials say is a lean budget year. 

The city’s various committees – Safety, Streets and Sanitation, and Parks and Recreation – spent approximately an hour considering the proposed department budgets of Fire, Police, Public Works, Animal Control, Urban Forestry, Street Aid, Solid Waste, Parks, and that of Park Theater and found that those belts are already tightened. 

First in line was McMinnville Fire Department and McMinnville Police Department by the Safety Committee.

“Unless we get into personnel, there’s nothing more to cut,” said Alderman Ryle Chastain. “With these budgets, we’ve cut as much as we can without cutting firefighters and police officers. That’s something, as chairman of this committee, I’m not willing to do.” 

Fire’s proposed budget contained a slight increase from the previous year: $2.53 million for fiscal year 2019-20 and a proposed $2.59 million for 2020-21. Police also held a slight increase, from $3.65 million to a proposed $3.77 million.

“We are pretty lean on our budget,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. 

Safety Committee members unanimously approved those budgets, as well as the Drug Fund that totaled $115,000. 

Also approved in committee were the following departmental budgets: 

Administration: $2.4 million, a decrease from $2.6 million

Community Development: $392,770, a decrease from $413,990

Street Aid: $1.4 million, relatively unchanged.

Public Works: $1.2 million, a decrease from $2 million

Vehicle Maintenance: $328,450, a decrease from $346,290 

Animal Control: $103,800, a decrease from $122,750

Parks and Recreation: $2.5 million, an increase from $2.4 million

Park Theater: $393,221, a decrease from $440,800

Urban Forestry: $274,350, a decrease from $276,600

Public Works: $1.4 million, relatively unchanged

Solid Waste: $1.3 million, a decrease from $1.6 million

The budgets of Water and Wastewater Department and its administration were also approved. 

That department’s revenue is generated by fees and not taxpayer dollars. 

Approved, and relatively unchanged from the previous year, were Water Purification and Distribution $2.1 million, Wastewater Collection and Treatment $2.3 million, and Water and Sewer Administration $378,500.

A consolidated budget will be presented to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its consideration.