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No county tax hike expected
Rubley, Scott.jpg

Warren County’s property tax rate is expected to remain unchanged for the second year in a row. 

The county Budget and Finance Committee voted unanimously to recommend the current property tax rate stay at $1.96 for the 2021-22 fiscal year at its meeting Tuesday. 

Committee chair Scott Rubley said committee members feel the budget will be covered with the current tax rate and there’s no reason to increase taxes. Rubley said, “We believe that we’ll be fine with the current tax rates.”

Before the committee reached this decision, members discussed an increase in funding for employee health insurance. Finance director Justin Cotten suggested to the Budget and Finance Committee that instead of doing the minimum, the county should reassess to help employees more next year. 

Last year, the county jumped from paying $225 to $331 a month for each employee’s health insurance premiums. Cotten threw out the possibility of increasing that amount to $400 which would cost the county an additional $170,640. 

The committee then discussed only raising it $350 to keep it at a more rounded number which covers right at the 5% recommended by the state. Committee member Christy Ross said, “I’d like to see us be higher than that, just a little, to give them a little something extra.”

Cotten reminded the committee, “We’ve never used a good solid round number if y’all want to go somewhere besides $350 or $400.” 

In the end, they decided on an increase to $363 toward the monthly health insurance premiums of county employees, which brings the county’s total cost per year for that item to $784,080. 

The committee voted unanimously on both the tax rate staying the same and the increase in paying for health insurance premiums. 

Both are recommendations that will go before the Warren County Commission for a decision on Monday, June 28.