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NHC celebrates National Home Care Month
NHC HomeCare nurses are shown during a visit with Brenda Scott. Pictured, from left, are Amber Young, McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley, Scott, and Hershey Glenn.

November is National Home Care Month and NHC HomeCare is celebrating those who dedicate their lives to helping old, ill and disabled Americans remain healthy, stable and out of costly traditional settings.
For decades, caring for the elderly, disabled and chronically ill at home has provided a dignified and high-efficient method of treatment.
According to NHC HomeCare representative Hershey Glenn, home-based care is clinically effective, utilizing advanced technologies and helping to cost-effectively manage chronic diseases that account for 75 percent of our nation’s healthcare spending.
However, despite these savings, the government is recommending seniors and disabled Americans to pay a fee to access home healthcare.
“This is nothing more than a sick tax that falls heaviest upon the sickest, poorest, and most vulnerable members of society, impeding their ability to access home health services,” said Glenn. “Instead of out-of-pocket fees and short-term cuts, we should carefully consider ways to improve home care so patients can continue to access the services they need in the most cost-effective setting available anywhere – their home.”