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Neal to serve 12 years for eventful night
Neal, Joshua.jpg
Joshua Edward Neal

A man who victimized his ex-girlfriend in her Westwood home, choking her and reportedly leaving a meth lab behind, has been given 12 years in prison for a bizarre crime.

Joshua Edward Neal, 33, was sentenced last week to serve 12 years in the Tennessee Department of Corrections for aggravated assault and possession of a gun by a convicted felon.

The victim said the chain of events began when she received a call from Neal to pick him up at a local motel. He reportedly claimed he wanted to see her one last time before he turned himself in to police for violating his probation.

She said she picked him up as he asked and took him to her home on Westwood Drive.

Once they got to her house, the ex-boyfriend asked to borrow a car, a request she denied since he didn’t have a driver license.

It was moments later she said she discovered her credit and debit cards had been taken from her wallet. Her ex-boyfriend told her he took them because he needed money. The victim then took him to a bank and withdrew $100 for him.

When they returned to her house, things turned violent. Other people had arrived while they were gone and the victim saw smoke, bottles and tubing.

Neal reportedly demanded the victim hand over her cellphone so she wouldn’t call police. When she didn’t comply, he reportedly pulled a gun and put it to his own head, threatening to kill himself. She turned to run upstairs but was pulled back down the stairs by the hair of her head and choked, according to reports.

People at the scene reportedly hatched the idea of spreading around the meth lab components so the victim would get arrested if she called police. Neal then smashed her cellphone.

The victim contacted police after she heard their car pull away.

As a result of his plea agreement, Neal had charges of aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, and interference with emergency calls dismissed.