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Nation unites in prayer
Prayer - Jackie Matheny color
Before praying Thursday, Sheriff Jackie Matheny told a story about visiting an out-of-town doctor and being asked what he does for a living. When he said he is a county sheriff, the woman told him thank you and said, I bet you dont hear that very much. Matheny replied by saying, Maam, its not like that in Warren County. So many people are appreciative of what we do and so many say thank you.
Joining together to bask in the unifying power of prayer, a crowd estimated at close to 100 gathered Thursday at the Farmers Market for the local celebration of National Day of Prayer. Sheriff and longtime preacher Jackie Matheny was one of seven speakers to offer his thoughts as he was asked to pray for law enforcement. Before offering his prayers, Matheny said he has never seen hatred as bad as it is today and noted a small group of people, such as Jesus Christ and his disciples, prove you can make a lasting difference.