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Musical message: Be yourself
Some of the main characters in Dream Reality Group's production of "High School Musical" this weekend at the Park Theater are, front row, from left, Kara Caten, Luke Nafrada and Addy Stanley. Back row, Christian Weeter, Anna Kneip and Abraham Villafuerte.
As it turns out, Luke Nafrada has a story much like his character in “High School Musical.”Luke plays the role of Troy Bolton, the star of his basketball team and the star of the show. Troy Bolton loves sports, but he’s secretly drawn to try out for a school musical, not exactly a jock thing to do.Luke can relate to the feeling entirely. A junior at Webb School, he didn’t tell his friends about landing the part in “High School Musical,” which is set for three performances this Friday and Saturday at the Park Theater.“For me, it’s always been sports,” said Luke.