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MPD wants 20 more body cams
Body cam.jpg
McMinnville officer Maggi Fann shows the body camera that’s part of her police gear. She describes the camera as a great tool for law enforcement.

McMinnville Police Department is looking to equip its fleet of officers with body cameras.

The city Safety Committee has provided initial approval for the purchase of 20 additional body cams for McMinnville Police Department. With the eight the department already has, 20 will provide one for each officer on the street.

“At this time, we don’t have enough to cover all officers,” said Police Chief Nichole Mosley, in making the request during Tuesday’s meeting. “This purchase will allow all officers to have a body camera. We have utilized Axon body cameras since 2018 and have experienced excellent service.”

Police departments across the country are utilizing body cameras to better protect and serve their communities. Videos automatically record when the officer is on patrol. When the officer returns to the police station, the video downloads onto a server.

Body cams have become a valuable tool in providing comprehensive police protection. The videos often come in handy in determining exactly what took place at the scene.

Three years ago, city officials approved the purchase of eight body cameras with the intention of adding to that number if the products worked as expected. The 2018 purchase was also through Axon.

Proposed by Mosley was a 5-year contract will Axon for 20 additional body cameras. The cost is $21,543 per year. The agreement includes video data storage and replacement of the cameras every 2.5 years and when needed.

Safety Committee members unanimously approved the purchase. However, final approval must come from the full McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.