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Mother of accused killer Leverett still behind bars
Debra Mae Daniels is being held at Warren County Jail.

The mother of accused killer Wesley Leverett remains behind bars, while her parents are free on bond, amid charges they helped the suspect cover-up his involvement in the murder of Barry Cole earlier this year.
The mother, Debra Mae Daniels, 54, is being held at Warren County Jail where she is serving time for violation of probation from General Sessions Court. She will become eligible to make bond once her probation time is served.
Leverett’s grandparents, Dorothy and Charles C. Daniels, are free on bond awaiting arraignment before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley on charges of being an accessory after the fact and destruction of evidence.
The grandparents are charged with helping Leverett dispose of evidence after he allegedly stabbed and beat his friend, Cole, to death inside the victim’s small apartment across from Super Rama in February. Lawmen believe Leverett became angry when Cole said something insulting about his mother and stabbed him in the back and beat him in the head with a table leg.
Leverett was caught 12 days later after the victim’s phone records revealed several calls were made to Leverett’s mother around the time of the alleged murder. Investigators believe he used the victim’s phone to call his mother to come pick him up and that his mother saw Cole’s body but did not report the killing. Instead, lawmen believe his mother helped transport evidence away from the scene where it was given to her parents to burn.
As for Daniel’s remaining in jail, arresting officers who took her into custody say she was less than accommodating when the car in which she was riding was pulled over.
“I made her aware she was under arrest and for her to place her hands behind her back,” said McMinnville police detective Todd Rowland. “She advised she was not putting her hands behind her back and got back into the vehicle.”
Rowland said officers had to forcibly remove her from the car to place her under arrest. As a result of the incident, she is also facing charges of resisting arrest.