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Morrison votes against road closure
Morrison Votes Against Closing Road.jpg

Morrison officials voted against closing part of Railroad St. and making it a one-way street following a lengthy discussion Monday night. 

During Monday night’s meeting, Morrison voted on whether or not to close part of Railroad St. in order to keep the convenience center where it is. Before they voted, they listened to some of the residents in attendance. 

“I don’t know of anybody in here who would want it at their front door or blocking their building,” Luanne Laxson said. “It is at our front door and in front of Mr. Hall’s property. It is going to devalue, we’re not selling, but it is going to devalue his property and at some point he is going to want to sell it and get out of here. It is just not right for the board to do that to two of your citizens. It is just not right.”

Others in attendance asked how it would it affect all the other members of Morrison having the site moved. Bill Hall questioned if this could be put on a ballot and voted on by the taxpayers. 

Laxson brought up the idea of moving the site to the ballpark as County Executive Terry Bell mentioned at the town hall meeting last week. 

“Mr. Terry Bell suggested the Ruritan property out there and Sue called all the Ruritan members and they voted not to move it up there when it would be the perfect location. It is not wet ground,” said Laxson. “It is huge and one of the Ruritan members said they might want to build another ballpark. Well, there is room for four more ballparks out there and it is only used three months out of the year.”

“Did you not b---- about your property value? What do you think it will do to Jimmy’s property value and my property value that I have for sell right now?” asked Mike Williams.

“We are not going to argue,” stated Morrison Mayor Sue Anderson. 

Anderson stressed that Morrison does not have a say where the new site will go, they are only able to vote to close half the road in order to keep the convenience center where it is. 

“Morrison doesn’t have anything to do with it. Y’all don’t understand. I am trying to help the citizens who called me and asked me to please keep it here. I am doing what the citizens in Morrison have asked me to do. I am standing up for them. The only way I can stand up for them is by closing half of that street off,” said Anderson. 

“You’re standing up for me and Mr. Hall?” asked Laxson.

“The majority,” said Anderson.

Following public comments, the board voted 3-2 against closing the street. Joe Hefner and Sue Jones voted yes. Keith Youngblood, William Dillard and Donald Miller voted no. 

The county will have to start looking for a new site for the convenience center as the current one has TDEC violations. Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts says they are planning to purchase enough property for the Smartt Station convenience center where they can put three compactors, making it a mega center, in case another location in Morrison cannot be found.