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Morrison honors students
Morrison Elementary2.jpg
Morrison School recognized students with perfect attendance during its Field Goal Fridays. Pictured, front row, from left, are Braxton Bell, Justin Herrod, Levi Doba, Vincent Rowcliff, Liam Rowcliff and Hazel King. Second row, Piper Ahrens, Addison Bates, Bryson Rymer, Rylon Vincion, Tatum Tate, Kendal Terry and Juliana Sanchez. Third row, Makenna Quinlan, Jaxson Helton, Rachel Boyd, Elijah Brown, Karolyn Flores, Bella Mendoza, Keily Flores and Brantly Rigsby. Fourth row, Robert Crittenden, Jasmine Hill, Kasen Kelley, Jaylen Norwood, Avery Hobson, Avery Bates and Jake Crouch. Fifth row, Hayden Watts, Hayden Spears, Braxton Gibbs, Ethan White, Rylin Stith, Kaci Bowdoin, Harmony Kennerly and Steven Moore. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
Morrison Elementary1.jpg
Pictured are Morrison School’s MVPs during its Field Goal Fridays. At front is Liam Rowcliff. Back row, from left, are Matthew Jewell, Lily Wanamaker, John Medley, Rachel Boyd and Robert Crittenden. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Morrison School concluded its Field Goal Fridays with an awards ceremony.

The school began offering additional academic support to its students March 5. Sessions were held every Friday, not a normal school day this year due to the pandemic, from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Students worked with teachers and staff to make gains in academic performance, specifically in math and English language arts. 

An awards ceremony was held Monday.

“I’ve got a spot for it,” said MVP John Medley, whose hard work and dedication earned him the largest trophy given.

Six MVPs were selected. Every week staff chose one student who worked extra hard. Their names were placed in a drawing for MVP of the week. Medley, Matthew Jewell, Lily Wanamaker, Rachel Boyd, Robert Crittenden and Liam Rowcliff were named MVPs.

“The MVP of the week was allowed to take the trophy home for the weekend,” said Morrison principal Kim Cantrell. “We put all their names into a drawing and John’s name was drawn to keep the trophy.”

Smaller trophies were given to the other five MVPs.

The program had 66 students receiving Touchdown Certificates. Once a student showed improvement, they received a “touchdown” from their coach and did not have to come back on Fridays.

One hundred students signed up for Field Goal Fridays, a six-week program. Cantrell offered the following stats: 100 students, 25 coaches, six MVPs, 66 with perfect attendance, 52 touchdowns, and one proud principal.

“We looked at how we could help our students that were on virtual every Friday and decided to do what was best to help them succeed,” said Cantrell. “This meant planning between homeroom teachers and special coaches every week to come up with individual game plans. What a testament to the staff at our school for going above and beyond.” 

Every student in the program received an honor medallion.