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Moms say family time is best gift
Mothers Day-Bethany Guthrie
Photo courtesy Dawn Winton Lennon, 2, and Layla Barrie, 5, wrap their arms lovingly around their mother, Bethany Guthrie. This Sunday is Mother's Day.

Just a friendly reminder this Sunday, May 13, is Mother’s Day. Before you scramble to grab a Hallmark card and last-minute gift, take a look at what local moms say they really want for Mother’s Day. Some of their wishes may just surprise you.

The most common wish is for quality time with their children. Meagan Underhill, mom of two boys, Knox, 4, and Maddux, 21 months, said her perfect Mother’s Day would be a day at home playing outside with her boys.

“My oldest will probably pick me some ‘flowers’ (weeds). That’s typically how my Mother’s Day goes and I love it,” said Meagan. “Motherhood has made my world complete. They make me a little crazy and I’m exhausted, but they are the greatest little blessings.”

Leslie Hayes agrees, but added she enjoys spending quality time with her adult daughter and goddaughter while getting a pedicure.

“For the past three years, Cora, Jamie and I go for pedis and enjoy the day together,” said Leslie. “I just enjoy spending time with all of my children.”

Even though many of the moms aren’t opposed to flowers, jewelry or chocolates, they tend to lean more toward homemade gifts or presents picked out by their children.

Mother of four, Emily Bullington has three boys ages 5, 3, and 1, and a 4-month-old daughter.

“I love handmade gifts from the kids or when they are involved in picking out jewelry,” said Emily. “I’m also super happy to just receive a day where I feel appreciated or am on the receiving end of being cared for. I’d really enjoy a spa day or just a relaxing day.”

For Bethany Guthrie, becoming a mother made everything in life more fun. She joked it would be hard to top the diamond earrings she got last year, but that she loves gifts made by her little girls the best.

 “I love the little gifts LB makes at preschool. Last year, it was just a photo of her holding a sign saying ‘Happy Mother's Day,’ which was just the sweetest,” said Bethany. “We always love going to a nice place to eat and we take both our moms too. Just spending the day together is all I really want.”

For moms who have been promoted to grandmother, Mother’s Day is just as special, if not more so. Amy Taylor recently celebrated her grandbaby’s first birthday and said she looks forward to celebrating with her adult twin boys, stepson and granddaughter.

“Being a mother gave me focus and a purpose. Being a grandmother has given me a legacy,” said Amy. “Watching Ben and Eli grow into great-hearted and hard-working men, who show respect for their elders is the best gift they could give me as a mother. It’s also wonderful seeing my son becoming an exceptional dad.”

McMinnville Moms, don’t feel guilty to ask for what you really want for Mother’s Day, especially when your husband or adult children inquire directly. Whether that’s a spa day or a relaxing day in bed, speak up.