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Mom charged with allegedly lying for son
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A mother faces felony charges after she allegedly lied for her son to police after he slammed his car into a tree.
The mother, Colleen A. Burton, 51, is charged with filing a false report and is set for hearing April 6, at which time she will appear with her son, Joshua R. Burton, 26, who has been charged with criminal responsibility in the commission of a felony for reportedly convincing his mother to lie for him.
According to Highway Patrolman Gary Myers, Mr. Burton lost control of his vehicle on Mt. Zion Road near Viola and slammed into a tree and block mailbox.
“It totaled the vehicle and sent large blocks approximately 150 feet down the road from the crash,” the trooper said, noting lawmen believe Mr. Burton contacted his mother after the wreck, before officers arrived on the scene. “He asked Colleen Burton to file a report that she was the driver of the car.”
Myers said the mother consented to falsify the report and told lawmen she was the driver. The false statement, the trooper said, came in the presence of Mr. Burton who was on the scene while she lied about the wreck.
“He never attempted to tell that he was the driver,” Myers noted.
The false report was taken and filed. However, 11 days later, Myers said new information was uncovered to convince him that both the mother and son were lying about who was driving the car. That evidence is expected to be introduced during hearing.