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Misunderstanding in Civic Center bidding process may cost extra green
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Sain Construction Company has identified a paint problem with the exterior of McMinnville Civic Center.

According to Sain Construction project manager Mike Brewer, exterior paint was not included in HFR Design’s project specifications, an oversight that could add thousands of dollars to the project.

“We’ve got an issue with the paint on the exterior of the building,” said Brewer. “There was no paint on the exterior of this building on the project specifications. My painter didn’t pick up paint. He submitted a clear sealer which has been approved by HFR. I know that you have picked out paint colors. I know you are expecting a painted building. Am I correct by saying that?”

The issue was brought before members of the city’s Ad Hoc Committee. That same committee selected exterior paint colors with HFR Design project manager Kris Teubel.

“In all the renderings that we’ve been shown by HFR, the building is painted some color and we picked out color for it,” said Mayor Ben Newman. “Everything that has been represented to us is that we are getting a painted building all the way around, including the new and old sections.”

McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord said he has emails between himself and Teubel discussing the exterior of the building.

“I forwarded all those correspondence to Nolan (Ming, city administrator) to show they were planning on having it painted,” said McCord. “I don’t know what went wrong.”

Newman replied, “This is a big mess. That’s a huge cost. Mike, do you have any idea, approximately, what painting that would cost? I’m not asking for a hard number. Just something to let us know what we are dealing with.”

Brewer declined to offer an estimate, but he informed the committee about an onsite visit from a paint and coating manufacturing company.

“HFR sent a representative of Sherwin-Williams out here last week and Sherwin-Williams was going to make a recommendation to HFR as to what needed to be done to these panels. Depending on HFR’s recommendation is where your cost would go. After talking to the Sherwin-Williams rep, I would rather not throw a price out there until we see what HFR comes back with.”

Disappointment was expressed.

“We thought we were getting a painted building in the price that we bid out,” said Newman. “It comes as a bit of a shock that it’s not been in the plans to do that. It’s very disappointing to learn that now.”

An estimate on the work will be requested from HFR Design.