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Meth offenses soar as crime up statewide
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Meth offenses in Tennessee soared by 37 percent in 2017, part of the reason overall crime in the state was higher last year, according to the TBI.
The TBI’s annual Crime in Tennessee report was released Friday, showing upticks in crimes such as drug arrests and murder. One of the biggest drops came with DUI arrests, which plummeted 20 percent last year.

All 532 law enforcement agencies in the state contributed data for the annual report.

On a statewide level, meth was one of the biggest risers, going from 11,129 arrests in 2016 up to 15,242 arrests last year.
DUI arrests dropped from 23,704 in 2016 down to 18,913 last year.

The most common time of day to commit crime is between 3 to 6 p.m. The least common time is from 3 to 6 a.m. The warm months of May, June, July and August had the most crimes committed, while chilly February had the least number of offenses.
Among the findings in the 2017 report:

• Reported instances of murder increased 6.7 percent from 2016 to 2017.
• Reported rape offenses increased 3.2 percent.
• Juveniles accounted for 6.4 percent of all arrests, down from 6.5 percent.
• Simple assault accounted for 67 percent of all reported domestic violence offenses.
• Drug/ narcotic violations increased 4.9 percent.
On the local level, the 2017 overview from the Warren County Sheriff’s Department indicates there were 1,035 total offenses, with 53.2 percent cleared by arrest.

There was one murder, the shooting death of Bobby Ashburn by alleged killer Michael Cody Mills in April 2017. There were six kidnappings, which were all cleared by arrest. There were eight reported forcible rapes, with seven cleared by arrest.

Simple assault was a common crime in Warren County with 186 reported offenses, 122 of which were cleared by arrest.

There were 105 instances of vandalism/ destruction of property with 33 cleared by arrest.

Statistics from McMinnville Police Department show there were 1,438 total offense in 2017 with 51.7 percent cleared by arrest.

There was one murder inside the city limits, the stabbing death of Barry Cole by Wesley Lex Leverett in February 2017. There were no kidnappings and five reported forcible rapes, with one cleared by arrest.

When combining all the theft categories, including shoplifting, there were 489 reported thefts in McMinnville. That includes 42 motor vehicles stolen.

There were 94 arrests for DUI, 40 for drunkenness, and 14 for disorderly conduct.

“We’re extremely thankful for our dedicated law enforcement partners,” said TBI director Mark Gwyn. “Together, they helped us compile a thorough snapshot of crime in Tennessee. We now hope every department takes this information and works to further address the key crime issues facing their communities and our state.”