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Meet the Tobitt twins
Tobitt Twins1.jpg
Twin sisters, Carly, left, and Mallory Tobitt enjoy wearing matching outfits. - photo by Lacy Garrison


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Meet 11-year-old twin sisters Carly and Mallory Tobitt. These two spunky sixth-graders go to Centertown School and have no problem sharing what it’s really like being identical twins.

Q: Who’s older?

Carly: Me, I’m older by five minutes because Mallory got stuck in our mom’s rib cage. 

Mallory: People think I’m older though because I’m a little taller and I’m a half a size bigger in shoes.

Q: What do you like about being twins?

Mallory: We can pull some really good pranks. We switched seats in first grade.

Carly: Another good thing is I hate trying on clothes and she can try on clothes for me. Since we look the same, if it looks good on her, it will look good on me too.

Q: Do you like wearing matching outfits?

Carly and Mallory: Yes!

Q: How are you different?

Mallory: I’m more sassy.

Carly: I’m more paranoid and the over-reactor.  

Q: How are you similar?

Carly: We both like to read.

Mallory: And tell jokes.

Q: Do you have the same friends?

Mallory: We have the same friends, but since we are in different groups at school, she has some more friends and I have some more friends.

Carly: We are in the same homeroom but we don’t switch classes together. It’s a good thing because she can tell me if we have homework in that class.

Q: Complete this sentence: “My twin sister is…”

Carly: Kind

Mallory: Funny

Q: What is the silliest question you get asked about being twins?

Carly: Sometimes they ask us if we are really twins.

Mallory: We are dressed in the same clothes too when that happens.

Q: What is the best thing about having a twin?

Carly: You always have someone to talk to. 

Mallory: When you go to a new place, you don’t have to walk in by yourself. I’ve always got her.

Q: So, your mom says you are about to get your own separate rooms. Do you not like sharing a bedroom?

Carly: No, because she’s the kind of person who throws everything everywhere and I’m the kind of person who will be up in the middle of the night organizing it.

Mallory: I am messy. I’ll go inside my room to put something up and she’ll follow me in there and I’ll throw it down and she’ll stay in there and organize it.

Q: Anything else you want to say about being twins?

Carly: Sometimes it’s difficult because if you get mad at her you’ll say your nose is big and since your twins, she’ll say well you’re my twin so your nose looks exactly the same.

Mallory: Our mom was born in the ’80s and her sister is the same age as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and has all the DVDs and she gave them to us. We’ve watched every single one. We want to be actresses when we grow up and we already have our own YouTube channel.