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Medical examiner for county dies

Warren County medical examiner Dr. Robert Sabo passed away Wednesday morning.

“We are saddened by the death of Dr. Sabo,” said Warren County EMS director Preston Denney. “Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family. I was honored to work with him. He did a lot to help us and he was good to work with. He will be missed.”

Sabo was appointed by the full Warren County Commission in 2016 to be the county’s medical examiner. Last year, the county needed a medical director. Sabo agreed to fill both positions. 

Dr. Trey Kirby has agreed to fill a 60-day interim period while county commissioners begin the process to find Sabo’s replacement.

The county cannot leave the position vacant, says Denney.

“We can’t work without someone in that position. We need someone to sign cremation permits and death certificates. Permission from a medical examiner is required for autopsies. There are things we cannot do.”

Selection of the medical director is under the authority of Denney. 

Warren County Commission approval is needed for selection of the county’s medical examiner.