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Meals on Wheels, fire departments get budget boosts
Fire - Harrison Ferry Mtn.jpg
Warren County’s seven volunteer fire departments received a boost in funding to $9,428 annually from the County Commission. Pictured is the Harrison Ferry Volunteer Fire Department responding to a fire atop the mountain.

Warren County Meals on Wheels and volunteer fire departments have received an unexpected financial boost when they received funding previously earmarked for other nonprofits.

When the full Warren County Commission met to consider nonprofit and civic organization allocations for 2020-21, Commissioner Tommy Savage made a motion to make changes to what was approved in committee. 

Specifically, Savage motioned to cut $3,000 from the American Red Cross and have that money go to Meals on Wheels, to cut $2,000 from Upper Cumberland Veterans Cemetery and have that money go to Meals on Wheels, and to cut $8,000 from Habitat for Humanity and divide that between the county’s seven rural fire departments.

The changes would provide Meals on Wheels with $15,000, an increase from $10,000, and volunteer fire departments with $9,142 each, an increase from $8,000. 

It would reduce American Red Cross to $3,000, Habitat for Humanity to $2,000, and remove entirely the county’s donation to the veterans cemetery. 

Commissioner Carl D. Bouldin gave a second to the motion, but suggested one change be made.

“The only thing I don’t agree with is the donation to Habitat for Humanity,” said Bouldin. “I would actually like to see that entire $10,000 go to volunteer fire departments and that would bring each to $9,428. Fire departments help a lot more people than Habitat for Humanity where you’re talking about one family.”

The suggested changes received unanimous approval from Commissioners Savage, Carl D. Bouldin, Michael Bell, Carl E. Bouldin, Carlene Brown, David Dunlap, Deborah Evans, Steve Glenn, Steven Helton, Robert Hennessee, Lori Judkins, Ron Lee, Gary Prater, Gary Martin, Daniel Owens, Christy Ross, Scott Rubley, Tyrone Sparkman, Joseph Stotts, Phillip Stout, Cole Taylor, Blaine Wilcher and Randy England. 

All other allocations for 2020-21 remain unchanged. 

Warren County Government allocations list: 

• Warren County Senior Center $26,000

• Pacesetters $2,000

• Meals on Wheels $15,000

• Chamber of Commerce $10,000

•Main Street McMinnville $2,000

• CHEER Mental Health $6,000

• Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) $1,100

• Books from Birth $4,500

• Heritage Alliance $2,000

• American Red Cross $3,000

• Emergency Food Bank $3,000

• Families in Crisis $6,000

• Warren County A&L Fair $10,000

• Young Men United $2,000

• Caring Hearts United $1,000

• Citizens for Progress $10,000

• Helping Hands Ministry $2,000

• Volunteer fire departments $66,000 ($9,428 each)

• Warren County Black History Museum $5,000

• Magness Library $116,000

• Warren County Rescue Squad $28,792