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Meagan Welch named elementary Teacher of the Year
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Pictured is West Elementary fourth-grade teacher Meagan Welch when she received her Teacher of the Year award for grades pre-K through 4. She has always wanted to be a teacher and is excited to have achieved one of the highest honors.

Meagan Welch was awarded the elementary grade-level Teacher of the Year award. Welch was recognized by the Warren County School System with this award, representing pre-K through fourth grade.

Welch is a fourth-grade teacher at West Elementary and this is her seventh year teaching there and her eighth year teaching overall. She knew she won Teacher of the Year for West Elementary, but she didn’t know she won for the whole district until the troop of academics walked through her classroom door.

“Honestly, I was just surprised and overjoyed,” Welch said. “I knew others were up for the award, but I didn’t expect it to go to me.”

Mrs. Welch’s mother was a teacher, so the passion has always been there. “West is my home school. I went there, and my mom taught there,” she said. “I just wanted to make a difference in the world, and I love children.”

Welch was expecting someone to show for her getting an award for the school, because principal Michelle Lewis told her to dress up. She was relieved to have a heads-up because they were having a Valentine’s Day party that day, so Mrs. Welch said, “I would have been in my Valentine’s Day T-shirt. I’m glad she told me to dress up.” 

She had no idea that Lewis was talking about receiving the Teacher of the Year award for the whole county.

One of her students said to Welch when the group of presenters came in, “Why are all these people in here?” Then the kids saw the camera filming the surprise and one student said, “We’re going to be famous!”

After the award presentation, many students wrote Valentine’s Day cards for Welch, congratulating her on this great achievement.

Welch said, “I was overwhelmed by it. I’m passionate about teaching, passionate about the children.” 

She said she was very excited by the opportunity and added “I just want to make a difference.” According to her peers, her higher-ups, and her students, she has made a difference in their worlds.