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McKeehan accused of shooting up, choking girlfriend at Walmart
Eric McKeehan.jpg

A man who is believed to have shot up heroin in the Walmart parking lot before allegedly choking his girlfriend until she was unconscious has been hit with a number of charges.

Eric McKeehan, 24, has been charged with aggravated domestic assault, possession of meth, simple possession, tampering with evidence, and resisting arrest. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing earlier this month and his case will be heard before the grand jury.

The charges against McKeehan stem from a June 9 incident in the Walmart parking lot where officers were dispatched because a man and woman were arguing. Syringe parts were observed in McKeehan’s lap as officers approached him in the driver’s seat.

Once out of the vehicle, McKeehan was observed stuffing a bag with a white substance in the front of his pants. He was placed in handcuffs and the bag was removed. 

Officers spoke with his girlfriend who said McKeehan became angry because he thought she was seeing another man at Walmart. He reportedly grabbed her by the throat and choked her until she was unconscious, she told officers. Marks on her neck were observed and photographed.

Several syringes were located inside the vehicle that had blood in them and officers said McKeehan was bleeding from his right arm. The girlfriend told officers he had just “shot up again” and the white powder was heroin.

Found in the bag that was stuffed in McKeehan’s pants was a white powder substance, a white crystal substance, 10 Xanax bars and two unidentified pills.