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Man who tried to pass off tea in drug test given year probation
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The man who tried to pass off tea as urine will be on probation a little longer as he was spared jail at least in General Sessions Court.
The probationer, Blake Campbell Raper, 33, entered a guilty plea before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to the charge of falsifying a drug test and was ordered to serve an extra year on probation. The plea also means he might be found in violation of his circuit court violation and face action there.
His parole officer said he brought Raper into his office and directed him to take a drug test. Since he was on parole, he was required to submit to the request or have his parole violated. The parolee claimed he was having problems urinating on demand.
“He said he could not go a couple of times,” the parole officer said. “He asked if he could sit down and use the restroom.”
It was after that request that the officer noticed something amiss about the parolee.
“His pants were wet,” the officer reported. “After examining him, a plastic bag containing fluid was found in his underwear.”
Confronted with the findings, Raper defended that it wasn’t fake urine or even his own in the bag.
“He stated that the liquid was only tea,” the parole officer recalled.
The parolee was made to remove the device and place it in an evidence bag. He was arrested and taken to jail.